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As Kids Go Back to School - Dogs Get Separation Anxiety - LET DAWG TIRED HELP! Long walks with our professional pet sitters, doggie day care or in home visits in Charleston, SC.

As kids go back to school, the stress on every family member can be enormous — including the family dog, which is a creature of habit. Follow these tips to help families avoid dog behavioral issues with their pups that often accompany this time of transition.

Separation Anxiety - With parents at work and no kids to play with during the day, dogs left alone can become stressed — which often results in destructive behaviors and endless barking. These tips can help reduce the initial stress of separation. ***At Dawg Tired, we can provide a social environment to ease the transition.  We can also come to you for pet walks and pet sitting in the Charleston, SC area.  Call or email us for a meet and greet with one of our professional pet sitters or for a fun filled day with doggie care with lots of socialization, TLC, indoor and outdoor playtime, baths and grooming.

• Start early: At least a week before the kids go back to school, start getting your dog used to being alone. Begin by separating your dog from the kids and the rest of the family at Dawg Tired, Charleston County, SC

• When you leave: As your family leaves your home, don’t pamper your dog by saying in a sweet voice something like, “Don’t worry – we’ll be home soon.” Dogs are pack animals, and as such they expect their leaders to be strong when they leave the pack. It is best to totally ignore your dog for about 10 minutes before you leave.   Unusual Behavior - When dogs are stressed, they can sometimes exhibit unusual behaviors — such as jumping or even biting. It is fairly common for young children to come home from school and be put upon by the family dog. Usually the dog means no harm. After being left alone all day, he has pent-up energy — and when he sees the kids, his excitement might cause him to overreact

• Train the kids: Parents need to train their kids to avoid immediately entering the dog’s area as soon as they get home. Kids need to ignore the pet for 5-10 minutes to allow him to settle down. With young children, it is always best to have a parent there to reduce the chance of a problem.

• Train your dog: It is amazing how quickly dogs learn what is acceptable and what is not. Dogs have a language of their own and once we understand it, we can easily control them by “speaking their language.”

HAPPY DOGS = HAPPY FAMILIES!  We at DAWG TIRED AND CAT NAPS TOO want to help you and your family!

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