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Preparing for Pet Adoption

pet adoption

We encourage the act of pet adoption rather than breeding because of the vast amount of animals in kennels and shelters across the United States. Including those in South Carolina, including our home in Charleston and James Island! If there is a sweet animal waiting for a home, why not take the opportunity and bring them into your life? If you’re pondering adopting an animal from a shelter, here are a few things to do in order to prepare for your new best friend.

Have an open heart

When adopting an animal, one of the most important things a future owner can do is open their heart. Kennels and Adoption agencies have animals that range from knowing love, to knowing none at all. While it can be difficult to adopt an animal who has been abused, often times it reaps the most rewards. 

Dog-Safe Area

Preparing your home to accompany your new family member is a great way to prep for your new arrival. Depending on how old the dog is, their energy level, and if they have anxiety, you may want to have an area in your home where they can stay safe. Often times, dogs will chew on things if they become anxious or bored. 

Toys & Treats

Items to play with and chew on are a great purchase when looking to adopt a dog! It’s about giving them items in your home they can play with and feel ownership over. Take special care when looking for treats for your future pup, make sure the treats are made from proper ingredients that will benefit your dog.


Purchasing food bags and bowls before you adopt a dog can benefit you in more ways than one. First, it allows you time to look over all the choices to find what food has the best nutrients and benefits for your dog. When buying the first bags, make sure to get two different kinds. If the adoption center doesn’t tell you what food they will eat, you may be faced with a picky eater. Having options will help figure out what your new dog likes, without all the trips to the store. Second, it allows you to go into a pet store and have a conversation with an employee about what is best for dogs in regulated to food, toys, beds, and anything else!

Money for Vet & Health

Adopting an animal and taking great care of it is an investment. Make sure you can pay for quality care of your potential pet by doing some budgeting before you go to adopt. Dogs need food, shots, heart guard, and flea medicine on a basic level. Some dogs grow to need extra care with their hips and bones. All dogs deserve a wonderful home that can treat their illnesses.

Remove All Expectations

Leave the expectations you have behind you. You can never know what the future holds and what the animal you adopt will end up becoming. A dog you see shying away from you could become the happiest and healthiest friend you’ve ever had. Giving an animal the opportunity to know more and to know love is one of the greatest gifts our life offers us.

Below are two of the adoption centers within the area of Charleston and James Island!

  1. Pet Helpers, located at 1447 Folly Rd, Charleston, SC 29412, is a wonderful adoption center in the Charleston area!
  2. Charleston Animal Society is a wonderful place to adopt from. You can find their facility at 2455 Remount Road in North Charleston! You can preview the dogs they have up for adoption here: and their cats here:

If you have the ability and means to adopt an animal, don’t let anything stop you. There are many adoption centers who need loving people to adopt their animals.


Author: Jessica Carder, Creative Consulting 2018

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