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Today is Love Your Pet Day, so why not give your cat or dog some extra love and kindness? Living in a household where animals outnumber humans 2 to 1, I’m no stranger to puppy love – or kitty love, for that matter! I mean come on, is there anything better than the enthusiastic greeting at the door after a long hard day at work? Tail wagging, tongue lolling, circle-turning happiness like that is hard to match, but we can try!

For the pooch in your life, a quick way to warm the heart is through the stomach. A little special treat might be a nice way to make your dog (or dogs) feel a little pampered. Just be sure you’re not treating with something that isn’t good for them. A small piece of lean, unseasoned, cooked meat or vegetable like green beans or carrots could be a nice choice. Or if you’re more adventurous in the kitchen – try your hand at some homemade dog biscuits. There are recipes all over the internet, just be sure it doesn’t have any ingredients that might be harmful to dogs.

Kitties like special food treats too! Most cats wouldn’t turn their nose up at a small piece of deboned, cooked fish – and there are always pre-packaged cat treats. The selection at just about any pet supply store could start your cat’s motor humming, for sure!   And while you’re there, take a stroll down the toy aisle to pick up some catnip. A few minutes playing with his catnip mouse turns my middle aged lump of a male cat back into a crazy kitten!

But most of all, your pets would love to spend some extra time with you. You are your pet’s favorite thing! A slightly longer walk or some extra yard time with a ball would make your dog ecstatic! Playing with a piece of yarn or fetch with a balled up piece of paper with your cat nurtures their inner panther. Not only does playing with your pet help keep them healthy and happy, but it’s good for you too – decreases blood pressure, releases those wonderful endorphins, and lowers stress hormones.

So take a little time today and love your furry friend! It’s good for them and good for you too!

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