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Happy Dog, Happy Cat, Happy Life. 

Let's help everyone celebrate National Walk Your Dog Month this January by hiring a professional! Hiring a dog walker or in home pet sitter can provide amazing benefits for your dog and cat (and or other pets), as well as for you.  Here are the top 5 reasons we believe you should hire a dog walker or professional pet sitter in celebration of National Walk Your Dog Month! 

  1. Health –As with their human counterparts, dogs and cats need regular and consistent exercise to live long, healthy, and happy lives.  Did you know an estimated 54% of dogs and cats in the United States are obese?  Many pets will acquire specific health problems in their lifetime that could easily be prevented or diminished with proper daily and weekly exercise.  To keep your dog and cats extra healthy and to experience a healthier happier life, it's recommended that they receive 3 or more 20 minutes of exercise and or walking sessions every week. It's also a great way for you to bond with your pet even more! You will be pleasantly surprised how much more relaxed they are as well as how more in tune they are to you at home!  I double dog dare you to take the challenge in the New Year  to have your dog walked 3 times a week for a month, to see if you see a difference. I promise you will see a difference in their moods and behaviors, and probably your own!
  2. Mental Stimulation and All The Sights and Smells – Your dogs and cats will get to see all of the sights, which will get their brains going for some extra mental enrichment. They may meet other dogs and people on their walks as well as experience all of the other intriguing animal smells in your neighborhood. It's a great way for your pets to leave their scents all around to introduce themselves to their furry neighbors too!  The stimulation of the brain with fresh sites, smells, people, other pets, will be sure to enhance your pet's life in Charleston.  Did you know we service West Ashley, James Island, Folly, Beach, Downtown Charleston, Kiawah Island, Seabrook Island, and Johns Island?
  3. Improved Behavior –  Dog Tired.... a tired dog or cat is a good dog or cat right? They are less likely to get into trouble from boredom, anxiety or stress.  You may see less chewing, less accidents,  less barking, more fit pets, and the one of the best ones... LESS ANXIETY not only for your pet, but also for you!  Aren't you happy when your pet's are happy, and even EXTRA happy when they are EXTRA happy?  You can provide them extra happiness by hiring Dog Tired for daily dog walking (even cat walking), or even puppy care in Johns Island and the Charleston, SC area!  We have dog walking packages and puppy care specials as well!
  4. Peace of Mind– Hiring a professional dog walker and pet sitter gives you the peace of mind that your dog or cat is happy and healthy, even when you aren't home! No need to rush home from work if a meeting runs late, or that you won't have the time or energy to exercise them when you do get home. An exercised pet is a happy pet. Doesn't your dog or cat deserve the best care in the James Island, West Ashley or in the  Charleston areas?  It's a win win for both you and your pets with scheduled routine dog or cat walks every week!  Happy Dog, Happy Cat, Happy Life.
  5. Time–  These days everyone is busy with work, cooking, shopping, cleaning, kids, and pets of the every day hustle and bustle to just stay ahead!  Having piece of mind with regular scheduled visits to your home, will give you the extra time you need with your loved ones, or time for an extra errand, and overall peace and happiness for a happier life for all. Your dog and cat will receive all of the exercise and attention they deserve, while you get extra time for YOU.  Everyone wins!

Hiring a professional dog walker or pet sitter from Dog Tired Pet Services in the Charleston area is quick and easy and right at your fingertips. We offer professional, safe and quality services, with experienced and trained dog walkers and pet sitters.

We would love the opportunity to help you and your pets reap the benefits of hiring a professional pet sitting company. 

If you are ready to hire the most advanced and professional pet sitting and dog walking company in Charleston Call us Today (843) 408 1033 and Register Here:

Why Dog Tired Dog Walking and Pet Sitting?

  • Professional meet and greet with your pet sitter before services begin.
  • Professional Pet Sitting Industry Tracking Software for instant communication with your pet sitter with photos, messages, and more!
  • Ease of keeping your and you pet’s information current electronically in a backed up system.
  • Convenience Of Online Credit Card Payments and also functionalities to tip your pet sitters.
  • Trained Staff on animal body language and certified in dog and cat emergency care.
  • Largest Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Team in Charleston, so we never cancel your visits!
  • Licensed, Bonded, Insured, all pet sitters must pass a background check.

5 Responses to “ The Top 5 Reasons You Should Hire A Dog Walker And Pet Sitter In Charleston, SC ”

  1. You made a good point that having the peace of mind regarding the health of my dog is indeed a good incentive to get a dog walking service. I recently decided to get longer shifts until the end of the next month to make up for some backlogs but that would mean I couldn’t have my morning walks with my dog anymore. Getting a dog walking service would surely help in making sure that my dog is getting enough exercise.

  2. Fred Gibbons says:

    It’s awesome that you point out that hiring a dog walker is a great way to make sure that your dog gets enough exercise while you are away. I care a lot about the health of my new puppy, so I’m thinking about hiring a professional dog walker for him. I’m going to look for a reputable provider of dog walking services in my area to hire.

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  4. jack melton says:

    I agree with you ?, We recently attended our son’s wedding in Mexico, and it was very stressful making “arrangements” to have our senior dog and cat looked after plus our home. It worked out but like I said I wished you were in Hinton ? keep up your good work

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