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A regular client is moving to the big city of Atlanta and we wanted to be sure she found the right place for her pup to visit.  Here are just a few recommendations. Please call us with any other specific questions.  We are happy to help!

1. Ask Your Vet for Day Care Center Recommendations.

Begin by asking your trusted veterinarian for recommendations. He is sure to have talked to other clients about their experiences, good or bad, of day care facilities in your area.

2. Ask Potential Doggie Day Care Centers These Questions.

Call the day care centers that interest you to inquire about their day rates and hours of operation. Ask them what types of activities your dog would participate in if he were to stay at their facility. Ask if they separate small dogs and large dogs when forming play groups. Find out if there is a staff member supervising play at all times. Ask the day care facility if it screen dogs for sociability before accepting them into its program. If so, ask if the staff members evaluating the dogs are professional dog trainers.

3. Find out About the Day Care Center's Dog Training Philosophy.

Inquire about the company's overall training philosophy. Make sure discipline and structure are concepts that are implemented throughout the day. You want your dog to have fun, but it's essential that play guidelines are respected in order for him to learn proper social skills.

4. Take a Tour of the Day Care Center.

Visit the facility unexpectedly and ask for a tour. If your request is denied or accepted reluctantly, consider this a major red flag. A doggie day care center that is well run should be enthusiastic about showing potential clients its setup.

5. What to Look for on the Day Care Center Tour.

During the tour, pay attention to the overall cleanliness of the runs and play areas. Ample shade and water should be available throughout the facility. Make a point of noticing if there is sufficient supervision when two or more dogs are playing in a contained area.

6. Interview the Doggie Day Care Staff.

Don't be hesitant to interview the staff member who's taking you on a tour of the facility. Ask her what the emergency plan is should your dog become injured or ill while there.

In the end, you should feel completely confident about the doggie day care center you choose for your best friend. A good facility can benefit both you and your dog. He will have the opportunity to socialize with other dogs and learn invaluable social skills. Spending the day being physically and mentally stimulated will go a long way toward keeping him balanced and resolving behavior issues at home!
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