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We conveniently offer Grooming and Bath Services For Dogs

  • Prevent mats & tangles by taking care of your pet’s hair in advance by removing dirt & dead hair from their coat.
  • Keep your dogs skin healthy by letting us remove excess oils and odor-causing dirt, with a bath soak.
  • Keeping your pet’s nails at the appropriate length helps avoid overgrown nails and other painful conditions, and can help prevent accidental injury to you, your pet, or your furniture. Trimming your pet’s nails gives us an opportunity to inspect their feet for problems like swelling, cracked pads, or matted fur.
  • Regular ear cleaning will not only remove wax and dirt build up and deodorize, but may also prevent painful ear infections for your beloved friend.
  • Tooth brushing will help reduce tarter and plaque build up, while giving your pup fresh breath for extra clean kisses!
  • Grooming Report Cards provided for each groom with health and wellness checks.
  • Our groomers track your dog’s styling requests in our professional software system, to take the guessing out of your dog’s haircut. This keeps your dog’s cuts consistent with what you request based off of previous notes. We want to ensure your satisfaction every time! 

All dogs must be current on all vaccinations including: Distemper/Parvo, Rabies. The Bordetella and Flu vaccines are optional and should be discussed with your veterinarian. Proof of vaccinations will be required every year at least 7 days prior to daycare, boarding or grooming visit. Dogs must receive the Bordetella and Flu Vaccine at least 14 days prior to their boarding or daycare reservation if you choose to vaccinate. Dogs on a Holistic Care Plan must provide written documentation from your veterinarian such as titers testing.

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Grooming Rates
Grooming$45 & up*
Express Baths$15 & up*
Deluxe Baths$25 & up*
All Natural Cranberry Facial$5
Tooth Brushing$10
Nail Trimming / Grinding$17
Anal Gland Expression$15
Furmination (Deshedding Treatment)$15

*Prices based on breed, temperament, and condition of coat.
*Grooming with haircuts are available Mon/Tue/Thur/Fri by appointment only.
*Baths & additional services are available 7 days/week by appointment only.

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Deluxe  Dog Grooming and Bath Services

Full Service GroomAll Natural Shampoo, Nail Dremel, Ear Cleaning, Haircut and style of your choice. A personalized consultation with our grooming stylist.
Deep Cleanse BathAll natural shampoos and conditioners will leave your pet smelling clean and feeling good in addition to ear cleaning, and nail trim.
Speed BathDoes your dog just need a bath? We have you covered! An express bath is great for dogs who need a bath to freshen up. Did you know dogs can have baths once a week? This is the perfect service for dogs in between deluxe or full service grooms so they can continue to smell fresh.
Cranberry FacialLeaves the pet’s face kissable. Safe for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens. Ingredients include plant derived cleansers with aloe, vitamin E and cranberry extract.
Tooth BrushingRegular tooth brushing is recommended for dogs to prevent periodontal disease. It is important to maintain dental hygiene for a happier healthier long living pup!
Manicure/PawdicureNails trimmed; we also provide nail grinding for smoother and shorter nails than the average nail trimmer.
Anal Gland ExpressionGlands some smelly fluid and occasionally need to be expressed, or emptied. Many dogs express them by themselves every time they poop — the sacs are around a dog’s anus — but occasionally the sacs fill with fluid and your dog needs some help to release the fluid. Ever notice rotten fish smell?
Ear CleaningCleaned, deodorized, and checked.
Foot SoakIf your dog is suffering from allergies and/or resulting yeast infections of the paw (e.g., candida), or has come into contact with poisonous and/or toxic substances, giving them a foot soak is very important to reduce discomfort, help treat the symptoms, remove harmful residue and stop your dog’s need to lick and chew their paws. Toxins left on the paws can migrate into your pet’s bloodstream, and over time increase their toxic load, compromise their immune system.

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