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Dog Daycare Enrichment Center and Boarding


Doggie Daycare Rates
1st Day Assessment$38
One Full Day enrichment included –$38
One Full Day no enrichment/ Saturday Daycare $30
Monthly Membership Fee$21/month (3 or more dogs $56/month)

Reservations are required. Daycare program is open to members only. Due to the demand of our daycare program and limited space, no refunds or credits for missed daycare will be provided.

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Charleston’s Top Choice for Pet Setting and Dog Boarding

The Dog Tired Difference, Now With Daily Dog Enrichment
At Dog Tired, your pet will be well cared for by our dedicated and trained staff. Our goal is to create a fun and safe environment where pets love to come and play and where owners can confidently place their trust in our standards of care. Dog Tired is no longer just an energy outlet, but a place the dogs learn, become more confident, and experience mental exercise with some real life skills that we feel are important to reduce stress and add balance to their everyday lives. Our education and training has taught us that dogs may actually prefer smaller groups of up to 6 dogs. We want your dog to learn something every day. We will encourage walking on different surfaces, exposure to small doggy pools, patience while waiting at entry ways and doors, appropriate play styles between dogs, tricks and reinforcing obedience. We offer 2 large outdoor play areas. There is a beach area for the dogs that like dig and play, Puppy Playground equipment for jumping, tunneling and climbing, and pet friendly turf. Dog Tired is an Enrichment Center, not just a standard doggie daycare.


Why choose Dog Tired?

  • Management regularly attends national conferences and are members of professional groups for the pet care industry such as the International Boarding & Pet Services Association (IBPSA). Our President and Pet Sitting Manager were two of the first to become Certified Professional Animal Care Managers (CPACM) in the WORLD by the Professional Animal Care Certification Council (PACCC).
  • All dogs selected for our program must pass a temperament test.
  • Climate controlled sleep overs in our cozy, comfortable sleeping quarters with clean bedding & Kuranda beds. Night lights and classical music provide a calming environment for additional relaxation and for a good night’s rest.
  • Dogs have nap time between the hours of 12pm-2pm so they can get a break from extensive activity and rejuvenate for the afternoon play and enrichments session.
  • Daily behavior and health monitoring.
  • Lots of love and personalized care from the staff.
  • All staff must complete nationally renowned Dog Gurus Dog Body Language Educational Program and additional continuing education courses. For more information on the Dog Gurus and our Safety Pledge, please click here. All staff are or will become Certified in Emergency Care for dogs and cats.
  • Essential oils diffusers for optimal health support.


Canine Fitness Program that focuses on the dog’s balancing skills by using their core for balance, strength and confidence. Great for all dogs! Some of these activities are:

  • Nose-work
  • FitPaws
  • Trail Walks
  • Agility Basic Training
  • More Rest Periods due to the extra brain work
  • More One on One Specialized Care
  • More Time With Toys

Did you know it’s a safety concern if there are toys in a large group of dogs?

Puppies Typically destructive behaviors are due to a puppy that’s not had enough exercise. While at Dog Tired, your puppy will benefit from physical and mental stimulation while teaching them new games, tricks and behaviors while releasing their puppy energy.

Senior Dogs We can assist keeping your senior dog in tip-top shape by incorporating consistent low impact workouts. This will help to keep their muscle mass in their hind ends strong. As dogs age, they tend to lose their balance and muscle, so it’s important to keep them as active a few times a week to maintain a happy and health senior pet. They will also enjoy nosework games and puzzles with little to no physical impact. It will improve their brain activity and alertness. It gives them something FUN to do, other than sleep. It’s a win win!

Shy Dogs Smaller groups allow for the “wallflowers” to come out of their shells, dogs that are usually shy and that just “hangout” will actually play more in a less overwhelming situation.

Athletes and Couch Potatoes Whether your dog is a couch potato during the week, and active on the weekends, this program will help maintain a healthy weight, stronger core, as well as less susceptible to injuries. The brainwork activities will keep their minds sharp with reinforcing boundaries and building confidence while learning some new tricks!


Dog Boarding With Daycare Packages

Boarding Rates
Traditional Boarding – group play, basic bedding, daily wellness update, daily Facebook photos, departure report card$53/night
Exclusive/VIP Boarding – everything with Traditional PLUS specialized enrichment, luxury bedding, tuck-in service (doggie massage, warm blanket, and bedtime treat). Luxury bedding includes pillows, memory foam, or raised bed$60/night
Puppy Boarding – everything with Traditional PLUS extra potty breaks, teething and puppy toys, specialized poppy enrichment and group play, and puppy-safe bedding. One free puppy training class included on the first stay$65/night
Senior Boarding – everything with Traditional PLUS extra potty breaks, specialized nosework enrichment, orthopedic bedding, specialized geriatric care (daily eye/wrinkle wiping, dental treat, extra cuddles)$65/night

New add-on: Daily GoPro Sessions! – $5/session. Yes, your dog will wear a GoPro with up to 2 minutes of footage e-mailed to you!

  • A daycare fee will apply on pick up day if pick up is after 10 AM.
  • No charge for pill or liquid oral medications.
  • Owners requested to pre-bag meals for boarding. A $1 charge per meal will apply to any food brought for boarding that is not proportioned out by meal. Please do NOT bring  food  in its original bag, or in other storage containers (plastic tubs/bins). We ask that no large bags of food be sent as we have limited space.
  • All boarding reservations receive daily Facebook photo, feeding/medication report, and departure report card at the end of your dog’s stay.
  • We throw in extra love and cuddles free of charge.

Doggie Daycare Requirements

Please Apply online here! Applicants will be accepted on a first come first serve basis. Once you are registered online, please call our office to schedule your dog’s assessment. After the initial assessment, you will be able to schedule online thereafter. If you are from out of town, please call our office for availability.

Once your application has been submitted, we will schedule your dog to come in for assessment. The assessment day gives us a chance to meet and see if your dog enjoys the daycare and enrichment environment. Your dog will enjoy multiple activities that the team has planned for the day. They will actually be using their brains with games and puzzles, agility, or enjoying a nice relaxing trail walk. For dogs that do not enjoy our center, we do offer in home daily dog walking and pet sitting. Click here for information on our Full Service Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Programs.

Doggie Daycare and Boarding Must Haves:

  • Current vaccination records for Rabies, Distemper, Parvovirus. 
  • Bordetella and the Flu vaccine are optional and should be discussed  with your veterinarian.  
  • All dogs must be current on all vaccinations including: Distemper/Parvo, Rabies. The Bordetella and Flu vaccines are optional and should be discussed with your veterinarian. Proof of vaccinations will be required every year at least 7 days prior to daycare, boarding or grooming visit. Dogs must receive the Bordetella and Flu Vaccine at least 14 days prior to their boarding or daycare reservation if you choose to vaccinate. Dogs on a Holistic Care Plan must provide written documentation from your veterinarian such as titers testing.

Due to the easy transmission of kennel cough in close spaces, we require your dog to be vaccinated for Bordetella a full 2 weeks prior to attendance. Although we do everything within our power to keep our spaces clean and germ-free, you can help in the effort by honoring our vaccination requirement.

  • Must be spayed or neutered if over 1 year for group play.
  • Puppies (typically 12 weeks of age or older) must have completed all puppy shots prior to daycare and boarding.
  • Pass a temperament assessment prior to beginning group play.
  • Preferred your dog has attended daycare at least 1 day prior to overnight boarding. 
  • From out of town, vacationing in Kiawah or Seabrook? Don’t worry — call us for details!
  • Must be on flea and heartworm preventative.

To Book, Call (843) 633-1032 Now, or click the link below to create your account.

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Dog Tired is keeping up to date on all laws and regulations to keep our clients and staff safe during this time of uncertainty. To keep health and safety in mind we are implementing a few temporary policy changes. Click here to learn more.