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Premier In-home Pet Care


Dog Tired provides individualized care, safety, love, and affection while you are away, as we would for our own pets, providing you peace of mind.


Our Premier Pet-Sitting Services in Charleston

At Dog Tired, we offer professional in-home pet sitting services in Charleston for any of your pets. Our dedicated  sitters are committed to providing the local pet sitting services in Charleston that you can rely on. Pet sitting in the comfort of your own home is the ideal alternative for any pet who suffers from stress or separation anxiety. We strive to make finding a pet sitter easy and convenient by tailoring our services to your pet’s needs.

Pet Sitting Services We Offer

Our pet sitters will provide the love and attention that you expect from a pet lover. When you put your trust in Dog Tired’s pet sitting services, you can find peace of mind that your pet will be happy, comfortable and secure. We are able to administer pet medications, in addition to walking, exercising and feeding your pet. Whether you are looking for an extended-stay pet sitter, or simply an overnight stay, get in touch with us today at Dog Tired.

Reasons to consider pet sitting

  • Do you feel guilty leaving your pet alone, during your long 8-12 hour work day?
  • Do you have a new puppy that needs to be let out at lunch, but you just don’t have time?
  • Do you have a senior pet that needs extra potty breaks or help getting outside?
  • Are you working late and unable to make it home in time to administer your pet’s medication?
  • Do you vacation or business travel often and need peace of mind for your pet’s care while you are away?
  • Are you a new pet owner who is nervous about leaving your pet alone for the first time?
  • Are you new to the Charleston area and want to make sure your pet is in good hands before beginning work or vacationing?


  • Comfort and security of their own home which reduces stress and separation anxiety.
  • Senior and non-social dogs are able to stay home in their own environment.
  • Puppies can have a normal potty break and exercise during the day.
  • Medication can be administered properly and efficiently.
  • Diet and exercise program remain the same.
  • Our knowledge of pets can place a new pet owner’s mind at ease while away.
  • Avoid exposure to fleas and communicable illnesses.
  • Pets will receive individual love and attention.
  • Convenient for homeowners and pets. No worrying about pick up or drop off or packing their bag.
  • Added security in your home; the “We’re Home” look as well as checking on your beloved pets.
ServiceRateLong Distance Rate (>10 miles)
30 Minute Walk for 1 Dog$28 +$3 for each additional pet$38 +$3 for each additional pet
Prepaid 5 Walk Package$130 + $3 for each additional pet$180 + $3 for each additional pet
Prepaid 10 Walk Package$260 + $3 for each additional pet$360 + $3 for each additional pet
Hourly Rate$50 up to 2 pets$60 up to 2 pets
Super Spoiler$10 for an additional 10 min/sit$10 for an additional 10 min/sit
After Hours Visits$40 up to 2 pets$50 up to 2 pets


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1 After Hours 30 Minute Pet Sit
(7 PM – 10 PM)$40 + $3 for each additional pet$50 + $3 for each additional pet

ServiceRateLong Distance Rate (>10 miles)
1 In-Home 30 Minute Pet Sit$28 + $3 for each additional pet$38 + $3 for each additional pet
1 In-Home 60 Minute Pet Sit$50 + $3 for each additional pet$60 + $3 for each additional pet
1 Overnight Stay
(Guaranteed 12 hours)
$85/night for 1-2 pets + $3 for each additional pet$100/night for 1-2 pets + $3 for each additional pet

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Dog Walking

  • Dog Walking & Exercise
  • Customized In-Home Pet Care & House Sitting
  • Overnight Pet Sitting
  • Puppy Breaks & Senior Dog Care
  • Pet Taxi & Transport Services
  • Full Service Grooming with Pet Taxi Services or in-home Bathing & Nail Trim
  • Medicine Administration, Feeding, Potty Breaks, & more
  • Pet Supplies Shopping

Pet Sitting

  • In-home nail trim
  • In-home bath
  • Pet Facetime
  • Brain Puzzles
  • Kongs
  • Walk and Train
  • Extra Cuddle Time
  • Extra Exercise
  • Taxi to Dog Tired for one of our Professional Pet Sitting Services
  • Pet Shopping

Pet Care

  • Largest Staffed Pet Sitting Company in Charleston, so you will never be without care even if your primary pet sitter goes on vacation!
  • Industry Leader in Charleston Pet Care for almost 10 years!
  • Red Cross CPR Pet Trained Staff
  • Licensed, Bonded, and Insured


Add on Pet Services are available upon request, including extra time, extra exercise, in-home nail trim, or in-home bath package! Dog Tired can also offer pet taxi services to our Dog Tired location for one or all of our deluxe grooming options. Let us get your dog clean and healthy upon your arrival with our full service groom, deep cleanse bath, manicure/pawdicure, ear cleaning, cranberry facial, foot soak, speed bath, or tooth brushing! Click here for a detailed list and description of our deluxe grooming services.

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