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Online Dog Training

What’s all of this hype about


You can practice working with your dog in the comfort of your own home!

Benefits of ONLINE Dog Training for YOU and YOUR Dog:

  • Experience – You receive the same experience & guidance as an in-person session with Robin Bennett, CPDT-KA cofounder of the Dog Gurus.
  • Convenience – Travel time is eliminated & scheduling is flexible and convenient for your busy schedule!
  • Safety – Dog Training in the comfort of your own home may prevent the spread of communicable diseases.
  • Access –Online access for an ENTIRE Year!
  • Success – You and your dog can absolutely be as successful with online training sessions as you would with in-person sessions!


This course was developed and taught by Robin Bennett, CPDT-KA, who is a professional dog trainer and leader in positive reinforcement training. Robin was the past chair of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers and is co-founder of The Dog Gurus. She knows her stuff!

This is something FUN you can do with your dog at home on your own time! This is your time to see just how super smart your dog really is! It’s a great time to teach him or her all the fun parlor tricks you’ve seen in those doggie movies on TV! Who knows…you could even get a novice trick title for your dog. Wouldn’t that be a cool accomplishment?

We are offering a “Tricks Training Course” that is completely ONLINE! You can train your pet in the comfort of your own home (oh…and do you have kids at home? Perfect! Have them assist with the training – keep the dogs AND the kids busy for a while!) It’s a double win that the whole family can be involved to reinforce the behaviors (just make sure you are all doing it the same way).

Simply register for our class and your get access to 35 videos, teaching over 15 different behaviors! You can start today!

  1. Create or sign into your Gingr account
  2. Click on My Account in the top left corner, go to Purchase Packages and Retail
  3. Find Dog Gurus Tricks course, click to add it to your cart and continue with your purchase

Are you ready to teach your pet:

  • The basics (Sit, Down, Name Game, Stay)
  • Kennel up
  • Shake
  • Spin
  • Roll over/play dead
  • Go to mat
  • Platform training
  • Leave it
  • Drop it
  • Peekaboo
  • Muffin tin game
  • Ring the bell
  • Back up
  • Weave between legs
  • Say your prayers
  • Jump through arms

You’ll get:

  • A full year access to an online tricks course with tricks taught by Robin Bennett, CPDT-KA (Certified Professional Dog Trainer) and cofounder of The Dog Gurus who are leading the daycare and boarding industry for health and safety!
  • All tricks taught using positive methods
  • Over 35 videos teaching 15 different tricks
  • Access to a Private Facebook group through Dog Tired
  • Participation in Dog Tired-hosted contests

Start having EVEN MORE fun with your dog TODAY!


What do you think your dog’s best trick will be?

P.S. Do you know someone else who may enjoy this program? This course would be great for all your friends and family with a doggo! Make sure you tell them about Dog Tired and earn $25 off your next services with us after they spend $50!

(For puppies under 6 months)

Puppies are the cutest, aren’t they? And that’s a good thing because they’re also a bit, um, challenging.

Puppies have:

  • Adorable antics
  • Great puppy breath & sweet puppy kisses
  • Lots of energy and mischief
  • Need lots of attention and positive reinforcement training

Their owners need Time, Energy, and Patience (LOTS of patience)

If you have a new puppy, you know what we’re talking about. If you’re planning on getting one, you’ll see what we mean soon enough.

So why not do this with an expert?

Join Ranger and Robin in their online course:

Raising Your Puppy: The Ultimate Video Guide to Your Puppy’s First 6 Months

What is included:

  • Step By Step Course from the day your puppy is home
  • Ongoing Guidance
  • Tips and Advice for every state of development
  • Online access to short video tutorials covering all aspects of raising your puppy from 8 weeks to 6 months
  • A weekly “What to Do This Week” printable checklist so your whole family knows the week’s puppy-raising goals
  • Tips and tricks for solving common puppy issues such as jumping, biting, and house soiling
  • Membership in an exclusive Facebook group where you can ask questions of Robin and other puppy parents
  • Robin’s best picks on puppy toys, treats, crates, and other products

    Sign up for Raising Your Puppy!

    Only $139 for the ENTIRE year!

    Getting your puppy started on the right paw now will help ensure that he or she grows up into a happy, healthy, well-adjusted family dog.

    The course is only $139 for 1 year of unlimited access. Go at your own pace and review the material as many times as you need to.

    But don’t wait! Every day that passes is critical to your puppy’s development and learning. Once this crucial window has closed, it can’t be reopened.

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