Dog Tired



What are your hours?
Office Hours are 7am-6pm Monday-Friday

Weekend Hours Open 7am-10am and Open 4pm-6pm.

Pick Up and Drop Offs Monday-Friday are from 7am-9:00am & 4:00pm-6:00pm.

Weekends Drop Offs & Pick Ups 7am-10:00am & 4:00pm-6:00pm.

***Holiday Hours may vary, so please call our office for specific questions.

How do I become a client of Dog Tired?
To join our enrichment center, you first need to submit your application here, as well the vaccine requirements (Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, & Kennel Cough) Once all completed forms are received, an assessment may be scheduled. The assessment day gives us a chance to meet your dog. Not all dogs enjoy a group setting, however, they may enjoy specialized games. A complete report of our observations and recommendations will be sent home with every dog that attends our program. We offer in home pet sitting and daily dog walking for dogs and cats that prefer to stay home. Click Here For Pet Sitting.
What occurs during day care trial day?
A detailed assessment of your dog will be completed along with a meet and greet with our trained staff members. We will ask any pertinent questions from your application in regards to your pet. Your dog will be introduced in a calm environment with a few well-balanced dogs. As your dogs becomes more comfortable, we will introduce him to more dogs, where he will later be fully integrated into the main action. We ask that owners are not present in the meet and greet where your dog can see you. This may cause unnecessary anxiety/fear in your dog. The speed of the assessment will depend on the comfort level of your dog. If they seem uncomfortable, the process will be slower rather than faster. We want your dog to have a 100% positive experience with us from day one. Assessments are completed by appointment only Monday-Friday 10am. It is best for your dog to stay through and experience our nap time. After nap time, your dog will be brought back out into group. A detailed report with observations and recommendations of scheduled play will be provided upon pick up.
Can I call to check on my dog?
Absolutely! Feel free to call anytime. Additionally, join our Facebook Page for daily photos! You will see how much fun your fur kid is having.
What if my dog doesn’t like his first day of daycare?
Dogs that are new to daycare typically need an adjustment period. Some dogs need longer periods of time than others. I recommend daycare for at least 10 days within a 3-4 week period in order to get the dogs comfortable in their surroundings. The more often he comes the better. If your dog absolutely decides daycare is not the choice for him, then we can arrange private 30 minute walks at his home.
Do I need reservations to attend doggie daycare?
Yes! Due to the high demand of our daycare program, reservations are requested at least 24 hours in advance. For last minute reservations, you are welcome to contact us to check availability.
What happens if your dog becomes ill or injured while at daycare or during an overnight stay?
If we suspect your dog is ill, we will remove them from the playroom immediately and put them in quarantine in the office. We will contact you and or your emergency contacts that were provided on your application. If a dog is injured, we will tend to the injury as quickly as possible. If we deem necessary, your dog will be taken immediately to a veterinarian. We will try to accommodate your requested veterinarian, however, we reserve the right to choose an emergency or local vet of our choice.
Do the dogs ever fight during daycare?
All dogs that attend Dog Tired are processed through an extensive application and assessment screening process. However, fights occasionally occur when the excitement levels get too high or playing too rough. Your dog may still encounter minor scrapes from rough play. A dog who repeatedly fights is not a good candidate for daycare. We want to encourage balanced behavior for the pack.
Dog Tired is keeping up to date on all laws and regulations to keep our clients and staff safe during this time of uncertainty. To keep health and safety in mind we are implementing a few temporary policy changes. Click here to learn more.