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I treat my dog like my own child and like any other good parent, I don’t leave my child with just anyone. My work days are long (14 hours long) and Dog Tired has been there to give Jacques his home away from home for more than a year. The way he runs to the door when I drop him off let’s me know that he is well taken care of and loves being there. That’s the best a good Mom can hope for! Gray has been a huge blessing to both of us. Micki; Jacques, West Ashley

They did a great job grooming my dog Maddie! I was very impressed with the staff and also with the customer service provided! For the grooming dogs, they have a separate area for them so that they do not have to be kenneled. They also have a separate outdoor area for them and they allow them to stay all day, with no extra charge! It’s great to be able to drop off my pup in the morning and not have to worry about taking time off of work to go pick her up. I know she is happy, getting attention, and is able to go outside! They also put a tag on her harness with her name on it and sent me a personalized thank you card with a magnet in it with a note about one of my dogs tricks that they enjoyed. I have already scheduled Maddie’s next appointment and I know she will be pampered. Kaitlyn Stokes; Maddie

Nildan displays great knowledge of dog behavior and training. Her positive training techniques were easy to follow and very effective. Kerri; Scout (Labradoodle), James Island, SC

When my husband and I decided to move to South Carolina last spring, one of our biggest concerns was finding a pet sitter we could trust. With three cats and three dogs, most with “special needs”, and lots of different medications, we feared we might not find someone who we could trust, and who would be willing to take us on as clients. Fortunately, we met Gray Moore- professional, reliable, trustworthy, and most importantly, a true animal lover. Gray did not bat an eye when we introduced her to our gang- we knew we could trust her with the medication regimen, Sadie (age 13) who had use of only three legs, Bogey who is not very people friendly, and Bailey who is not overly dog friendly. And then three cats with their own set of special circumstances. We feared she would find a reason not to become our pet sitter, but instead, she welcomed us with open arms and has continued to be amazing. She often goes “above and beyond the call of duty”, posting photos on Facebook, videos of our dogs playing at her house, providing cat and dog gifts on occasion. Gray Moore is the best and we cannot imagine what we would do without her. She is truly a blessing to our family. Lori & Rob; Bailey, Izzy, Bogey, Sadie, Aarvark, Oscar & Creamers, James Island, SC

We love Dog Tired! We got Benji about 6 months ago – he was a 1 year old rescue Great Dane-Labrador mix, huge and FULL of energy. He has been to Dog Tired every Wednesday since, and spent a few long weekends with Gray and her team. It’s been wonderful. They’re obviously knowledgeable about pet care and grooming, and the service is very professional. Electronic invoices, reminders, summaries…very nice. The facility is very clean and doesn’t smell like a kennel at all. There are two nice play yards with sail shades overhead. My only problem is getting Benji from the car to the door… he’s trying so hard to get in there that I can’t keep him on the leash. We’ve used 3 other kennels (with other pets, now since gone) and they were fine, but the dogs couldn’t be brought home without a bath and it was hard to get in touch with them (had to call at certain times, get a call returned – which made me think they weren’t always on-site). Gray or one of her team is always available and I forgot to mention that their hours are GREAT. Try them out!!! Lori Dickierson; Benji

After only two lessons I am already seeing my dog’s behaviors improve, as I can finally communicate and work with her more effectively. Amy E.; Rosie (Terrier/Pitbull Mix), Johns Island, SC

While reviewing Kristin Morrison’s “Six-Figure Pet Sitting Academy” website, I stumbled upon a testimonial from Gray Moore, owner of “Dog Tired”. Her sincerity and common sense approach to pet sitting drew me to review her website and subsequently contact her. Not only was her staff very professional and helpful but meeting Gray over the phone was tremendous! I explained that though I was located in a different state, I too was a professional pet sitter and hoped she could share some of her successful processes. Gray not only gave me over an hour of her time on the phone but she also shared her story, pitfalls and successes, throughout her entire time in the pet business. As result of her selflessness and willingness to share, my wife and I are taking our pet sitting business to an entire new level with renewed confidence. I wholeheartedly encourage any pet sitting business looking for a class act to follow to review Gray’s website. There are few pet sitting organizations with the variety of services offered being performed by complete professionals as “Dog Tired”. Thank you Gray! Keith & Mag Harris, Owners of Pet-A-Care Pet Sitting in Cheyenne, Wyoming

I have never had a better experience or more peace of mind with any other facility. Dog Tired goes the extra mile for my two pups and for me. The communication is excellent, the love and care they provide is exceptional. My dogs love to go to daycare once a week and I totally trust them with the most important things in my live, my babies, Chloe and Charlie. Just can’t say enough good things about them! Maria Doogan; Charlie and Chloe, Johns Island

Dog Tired is keeping up to date on all laws and regulations to keep our clients and staff safe during this time of uncertainty. To keep health and safety in mind we are implementing a few temporary policy changes. Click here to learn more.