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Dog Flu Charleston

It’s peak summer season here in Charleston. You may still have more trips planned for the rest of the summer where your dogs may need to stay with us.

We’re sure many of you have heard about Canine Flu that is spreading through the United States. Unfortunately it has been reported in South Carolina in the last few weeks.  We have NOT had any confirmed cases of Canine Influenza at Dog Tired.

The Dog Flu is very similar to kennel cough, with more symptoms. If your dog is coughing, please call your veterinarian. They can test for kennel cough and The Dog Flu. This virus is airborne, so no matter how much we clean, it can still possibly be spread by a sneeze or cough etc.

We are asking for your assistance! If you have recently taken a trip out of state with your pet or have even brought them to another daycare, please inform us. We are keeping up with all the news regarding the ‘Dog Flu’ and where cases are being reported and confirmed and this will help us to isolate any incidents and prevent them from occurring.

If your dog is huffing, sneezing or coughing and it’s not due to seasonal allergies – please leave them at home and call your veterinarian. We do offer dog walking and in-home pet sitting services, and know of others who we can personally refer you to. Let’s work together and keep your pets healthy, safe, and happy!

We are keeping in close contact with all local veterinarians to obtain information on the number of dogs being seen for any upper respiratory issues and determine if any of them are ‘our’ dogs so that we can keep ahead of any issues.

We are taking even more precaution than usual to ensure the health of our clients, with top of the line cleaning agents, more staff, and as much fresh air as we can get. Our products include pet-safe cleaner, deodorizer and disinfectant that are effective against viruses (kills Canine Parvovirus and Canine Influenza), bacteria, and fungi during the day and cleaning with bleach in the evenings.

Let’s all work together to keep the virus under as much control as possible. Remember, if your dog is sick, KEEP HIM AT HOME and Call Your Vet.

Please Read More about the Canine Flu here:

-The Dog Tired Team


2 thoughts on “Dog Flu Charleston

  1. Tracie Mitchum

    thank you for sending this. And i look forward to updates. Can you please tell me which cleaning products you use durring the day that kill parvo and influenza virus? Also, if i email you flyers of our rescues would you mind putting them up in your office?



    1. Rose

      Hi Tracie!
      The name of the cleaning product that kills parvo and influenza is ProVet Logic – Professional
      Email the flyers to [email protected] and we would be happy to put them up in the office!
      -The Dog Tired Team


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